Web Mail

The Web Mail module provides full web-based email access for your users. This allows users to check and send email from anywhere, even outside the office for example in web-cafes, airports, customer sites. The interface is designed to produce the smallest possible web pages to ensure fastest access time even on dial-up or limited bandwidth locations.

Work anywhere

Access email from anywhere

Server folders

Server folders shared with IMAP allow the same view of email to be seen in the email client and in a web browser


Fastest possible web interface ensure highly usable low bandwidth web access


Integrated calendaring and SPAM quarantine allows single interface control of email and appointments

Sort by any column

Send emails

Upload multiple attachments at once

User-selectable color schemes

Ultrafast address book

Server folders

Full support for public/shared folders

ACL (Access Control List) support for shared folders allowing read/write/admin priviledges

Email server rules allowing automation of email management, forwarding and other advanced features based on configurable rules to match email

Flag email

Clear icons for replied to, read, unread, and deleted emails