Web Folders

The Web Folders module provides full Public Folder features. Folders can be created by the administrator or users. This allows users to upload, download and manage files in a server share, even outside the office for example in web-cafes, airports, customer sites. The web folders support WebDav clients such as Windows "Add Network Place"/Web folders, Mac OS X "Connect To Server" and 3rd party webdav clients such as NetDrive.

Work anywhere

Access files from anywhere

Server folders

Server folders shared with Web Folders allow the same view of files to be seen on the internal network and using external Web Folder access under windows or any WebDav client


Fastest possible web folders ensure highly usable low bandwidth web access


Full WWW Auth challenge based logins can be enforced to prevent unauthorized access. Use over normal web interface or an encrypted secure SSL channel.

Full support for public/shared folders

ACL (Access Control List) support for folders allowing read/write/admin priviledges

WWW Authentication login protection

SSL support

Mac OS X support

Microsoft Windows WebFolders/Network Place support

3rd party WebDav Client support, such as NetDrive