Overview Incoming emails can place a huge burden on the nominated recipient. Often several email addresses are provided publicly for information, questions and other telemarketing activities. More often than not emails arrive to all addresses about a diversity of subjects, with little relationship between the email address and the subject matter. For example, a company-wide email address such as will receive speculative employment queries, requests for information, invitations to tender, unsolicited junk mail, technical support questions etc. etc.

Having a single nominated recipient quickly results in the recipient becoming over-burdened with email. Studies show that having multiple recipients results in no one giving the incoming message stream the required attention.

The solution? Intelligently route each incoming mail based on the nature of the subject, content, and any attachment to the most suitable respondent recipient.

Routing uses rules concerning the subject line, contents, and previous message chain to ensure that the correct recipient is initially identified and then continues the correspondence when required.


Ensure incoming emails go to the right person immediately


Automatically detect the language of incoming emails and reroute


Schedule routes depending on the day of week or date

Bounce email by rules/phrases

Redirect email to another address

Automatic language detection and rerouting for each language

Support for Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish
Languages Supported

Route email by rules

Route email email by subject phrases

Route email email by content phrases

Route email email by sending IP address

Route email email by attachment types

Route email email by MIME headers

Redirect group email

Route email based on date

Route email based on day of week and time of day

Route email based on size