POP3 Reader

The POP3 reader module acts as a POP3 connector, automatically downloading emails from any configured POP3 or IMAP accounts on external servers, and reroutes the emails to any internal mailbox or other external email account.


Unify user email into corporate mailboxes


Spam filter and automate routing of all incoming email


Process all email for spam and virus whether from external accounts or to internal mailboxes


Highly efficient multiplexing communications used to download from many accounts simultaneously

Flexible Schedules

Individually configurable download schedules with timetable to define when to use regular or limited download speeds

SSL Support

Supports SSL servers for both POP and IMAP including Gmail

1 Minute schedule

Download schedules as short as 1 minute

Instant IMAP Downloads

Use IMAP IDLE PUSH notifications to instantly download new email as it arrives

User accounts

User can configure their own accounts via a web interface or IIS

Download modes

Modes to download all or only new email for each user


Catch-all and individual accounts supported

IMAP Support

IMAP Support including configurable folders

Multi-domain catch all

Multi-domain catch-all accounts supported

Gmail support

Full Gmail Support including all hidden Gmail IMAP folders like [Gmail]/All


Sophisticated rerouting and readdressing options including subject, sender and recipient rerouting

Archiving and Export

Export email to files as text or MIME


Export attachments to files


Emails are routed through all processing modules, allowing for antivirus scanning, spam blocking, routing, alerting, responders and all other Hexamail features!

Multiple ISPs

Retrieves messages from mailboxes located on any number of Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Rapid cycles

Check and download new messages as often as you require, with schedule interval resolution of 60 seconds.

Configurable action

Automatically delete, expire or retain the emails on your email account

SSL Support

SSL fully supported, allowed secure retrieval of emails from SSL compliant mailservers.

Bandwidth Limits

Configure how much bandwidth to use at various times of day

Secure login

Support secure logon with APOP (Authenticated Post Office Protocol).

Parallel downloads

Retrieves messages from more than one mailbox at the same time. This ensures that mailboxes with large volumes of email do not hold up processing of other mailboxes.

Sender rerouting

Reroute to new recipients based on the original sender address

Recipient rerouting

Reroute to new recipients based on the original subject line with wildcard matches

SMTP Forwarding

Allows forwarding of email to any other address, mailbox or corporate email server. Route email by domain to different servers or smarthosts