Group Distribution

The Group Distribution module allows powerful group forwarding features, allowing email discussion groups to be setup, including closed, internal and public groups. Sophisticated rules allow you to determine who can and can't send to a group, what sort of content they can send (for example, you may wish to prevent large attachments going to a mobile sales force on dial-up).

Internal Groups that only internal users can email to

Automatic Group resolution to prevent group feedback and autoresponders to groups

Closed Groups that only group members can email to

Send to group based on phrases or wildcards in the contents

Send to group based on phrases or wildcards in the subject line

Automatic identification of group emails

Outgoing lists and groups also supported, with address hiding

External group responses rerouted to original sender

Message size restrictions

Group distribution address hiding

Attachment size and type restrictions

Attachment removal

Attachment compression

Autoresponse to group elimination

Group passwords

Email subscribe requests

Automatic group signature

Support for Newsletter format

Moderator controlled groups

Multiple moderators

Sequential moderators

Internal/Closed group postings can be moderated

Automatic discussion archiving

Automatic message digests