The developer module allows full access and control of all Hexamail modules using an API based on REST json and XML. This ensures support for the widest variety of scripting and programming languages.

Custom apps

Develop custom apps that leverage your email and collaboration data


Fastest possible REST server ensures highly usable low bandwidth API access


Restrict access to specific IPs and ports to prevent unauthorized access.

Full support for all configuration parameters to control every aspect of Hexamail

Full support for all stored email such as junk, errors and sent items

Full support for accounts and user data including signatures, external accounts

Access and manage all mailbox data, including management of email and folders

Access and manage contacts stored in the mailbox module

Access and manage tasks, events, notes stored in the calender module

Fully JSON compliant allowing easy access from javascript, php, java, python, .net etc.

Fully REST compliant

XML or JSON results format options

SSL support