Loose talk costs money. A poor choice of words in an outgoing email with or without appropriate disclaimers can be a costly business today. Hexamail Guard allows the censoring or offensive or inappropriate words from all outgoing (and optionally incoming) emails, ensuring that your corporate voice is as clean and virtuous as your reputation.


Ensure all outgoing emails don't offend your customers and partners


You control the obscenity lists


Optionally turn off censoring for specific white listed users

Hiding of obscene/forbidden phrases/words/wildcards in the content

Hiding of obscene/forbidden phrases/words/wildcards in the subject line

Configurable hide string, e.g. ****** or !CENSORED!

Configurable white list of users address matches to bypass the censoring

Support for emails attached to emails

Configurable mark string to optionally alert recipient the email has been censored

Option to block obscene emails

Option to forward obscene emails to nominated address or the administrator

Censored emails stored for later archiving/forwarding/sending or removal

Automatic alert when censored store reaches configurable size