The calendar module adds CALDAV server features and provides full web, CALDAV and iCal calendaring system for your users. View, sync, share your calendars using any CALDAV compliant client such as Thunderbird Lightning, Sunbird, eMClient, Mulberry, Mac OSX iCal, plugins for Outlook, or apps for Android and iPhones. The web interface incorporates day, week, month and year views, a built-in TODO list and journal. Web and email alerts can be triggered to remind users any time before an event.


Ensure optimal time scheduling using easy to use day, week, month and year views of your calendars


Synchronize your calendar with any CALDAV or iCal client


Share your calendars with other users


Alert users to important events automatically in the web interface or by email

Alarms via web interface or email and SMS

Multiple views, day, week, month and year

Year view shows events, unlike most calendaring systems

Built in web-interface usign customizable templates

Full CALDAV server functionality

Mac OS X iCal compatible

Thunderbird Lightning compatible

Sunbird compatible

eMClient compatible

Configurable colour coded categories for events, with flexible filtering options

Share calendars with other users in the web interface, via CALDAV or iCal (ics files)

Import configurable public holidays.

Multiple event types, each with a clear icon

Calendar entries stored compressed to allow for many years of events for each user

Import iCal format calendar files from VCS or ICS files

Import calendars from Outlook exports

Import calendars from Palm exports