The attachment module automatically archives attachments from all email. It also optionally removes the attachment and replaces it with a link allowing the attachment to be served more efficiently from a webserver. This prevents users having to download attachments they don't need or wish to refer to later. Attachments are automatically deduplicated if sent to multiple recipients: you only need store one copy of each file received or sent!


You can view and control attachments using powerful queries. This allows you to remove any attachments accidentally sent to external recipients, or dangerous or time-wasting attachments sent to your internal users.

Minimize Storage

Mail servers often store file attachments extremely inefficiently, wasting over 25-30% more space than is required for the attachment itself. The attachment module reduces the disk resources required by up to 50% by using compression

Improve Backup

Attachments are stored as files or compressed files directly in a filesystem, allowing any normal backup system to be used to backup the attachment store.

Improve performance

Email clients no longer need to download the attachment data when checking email - the attachment can be downloaded when required

Store all attachments in a central file store

Automatic compression of non compressed attachment types

Automatic deduplication and instancing of replicated attachment files, offering MASSIVE storage and processing savings on your mailserver

Customizable attachment replacement links

Powerful attachment store query tool

Resend and export attachments