Hexamail Archiver module provides is a centralized automatic email archiving solution. Highly efficient full-text indexing and compression algorithms ensure that the most scalable and high performance email archive is generated entirely automatically from all of your email. Hexamail's email archive software leverages state of the art indexing and compression technology to create the most compact and high performance index of email data. Inferior solutions often simply push emails to relational databases or worse, file systems. Such systems suffer from poor scalability, lengthy query/discovery times and extremely high storage requirements: often requiring more space for the archive than the original emails!


Store 100% of your email in full original MIME format


Use the live search facilities to allow users to access their old email


Store many years of email in a single server


Unique MIME compression algorithms ensure most compact storage

Full Text

Full text queries provide relevant retrieval


Enable SSL archive web interface for maximum security

High speed archiving

Native high-performance C++ archiving code ensures that emails are archived and indexed in realtime. The unsurpassed performance allows the archive to be used live by end-users to retrieve old, deleted, or difficult to find emails from a web-interface.

Massively Scalable

Archiving of 100s of millions of emails in a single archiver is possible, allowing many years of emails to be archived on a single server or drive.

Low Storage Requirements

All email content (MIME) is retained compressed, allowing accurate records to be retained while minimizing storage. Emails are automatically deduplicated. Save costs of storages devices, upgrading servers and backup time and facilities.

Fulltext search

Full-text indexing automatically takes place on archiving. This allows your valuable resource of archived emails to be leveraged for knowledge management, auditing and discovery within your organization.

Genuine Archiving

Some inferior archiving solutions simply push email content into a relational database. This can be costly in database licenses, slow to retrieve email and extremely demanding of disk space and other machine resources. Be sure to check the licensing implications and costs of such systems before purchase. Hexamail is a complete solution requiring no third party database licenses.


Archiving takes place on your servers, within your network. Sensitive emails need never leave your organization, eliminating trust, hacking, or security breach concerns typical of third party service based archive solutions providers.

Active Directory Integration

Active Directory integration allows automatic import of your users and restriction of their access to only their emails


Full secure SSL access to web based knowledge management, discovery and search interfaces.


The Archiver module can index email from almost any source including Exchange, maildir, mbox, hMail, iMail, MDaemon, Hexamail, POP3, SMTP, and PST

Exchange 2000-2013

Index email directly from Exchange 2000 onwards


Index any PST files from Outlook clients or Exchange server

Long term retention

Content can be retained for periods matching typical regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley, European Union ISP Communications Data retention, SEC Rules, NASD, HIPAA and Graham-Leach-Bliley Act.

Regulatory Adherence

Full MIME storage ensures your chosen email archive solution adheres to all regulations now and in future. Regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley can be costly to implement, Hexamail Vault eliminates the cost for archiving email in a compliant way.


A unique index design allows email content to be backed up and removed from the live server to secure/offsite backup facilities. The fulltext index remembers which emails were in which backup files and allows fulltext search even over email removed from the server.

Automated Export

Automated export features allow all email matching specific complex criteria to be exported to directories or zip files for litigation or auditing purposes.

Fulltext Search

Full-text indexing automatically takes place on archiving. This allows your valuable resource of archived emails to be leveraged for knowledge management, auditing and discovery within your organization.

Live Access

Live-access allows your end-users to access the archive through a web-interface and retrieve email they may have deleted or lost in their inbox. This simultaneously ensure valuable knowledge is never lost from your organization, can be quickly retrieved, and users reduces user inbox storage requirements.

Historical Redelivery

Redelivery or historical email to selected recipients allows verbatim copies of emails to be retrieved and redelivered in a single click.

Report and Audit Generation

Users can run their own audit and generate folders or zip files of vital emails for meetings, storage offsite or presentation to management.

Configurable Access

Administrators can restrict access to discovery features to specific users or areas of discovery