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Kawasaki Motors Europe NV "After long time searching to add multi-language disclaimers, we found Hexamail legitimizer. Hexamail allows us to insert multi-lingual disclaimers based on the senders domain. We had splendid support when installing and testing the product on our Lotus Notes 6 servers. "
Stefan van den Heuvel - Kawasaki Motors Europe NV
Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals "Our organization was inadvertently sending spam due to distribution lists and mail redirections. Hexamail was the perfect solution to the problem. Very easy to install even with our old Post Office software. Now our distribution lists are spam free Hexamail also drastically reduced the spam received by all of our other mailboxes. With a year of experience using this software we can say that it was the best decision to buy it!"
Joan Maso - Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals
GSCOM - General Service Communication "Configuration aisée, efficacité maximum, simple d'emploi, chaque jour HEXAMAIL Guard nous rend d'immenses services. Merci et bravo!"
Philippe Gervois - GSCOM - General Service Communication
Landschaftsverband Rheinland "Before the Rhineland Regional Council (LVR) installed Hexamail Guard, our employees received over 3000 spam emails per day and spent a lot of time in deciding, what is important and what is not. After starting the search for an effective anti-spam software we checked and tested many products. Hexamail was top in our evaluation-process: proper recognition of spam, ease of use, installation and management, best value. The installation ran without problems and the configuration was quite easy. Now our 8000+ users save lots of time, because the suspicious mails are collected in a separate Outlook-folder and the user can decide by itself to delete those marked email."
Ralph Rybak - Landschaftsverband Rheinland
National Regulatory Services "We are extremely pleased with the intelligent reduction in spam as a consequence of using Hexamail - it is, in our opinion, one of the few intuitive programmes that we have tried where all levels of staff can dip into the Quarantine area without difficulty or incident - great value all round. "
Gordon McMurray - National Regulatory Services
Levy Diamond Bello and Associates, LLC "Great product for a remarkably reasonable price, we're very happy with it"
Youssef El-Bakhar - Levy Diamond Bello and Associates, LLC
Lowenstein & Associates, Inc. "I have enjoyed Hexamail and feel that it is rescued our business computers from the intrusive SPAM emails that clogged our system."
Dr. David Lowenstein - Lowenstein & Associates, Inc.
"Our company has been using Hexamail Guard Basic for almost a year now. We could not have asked for a better product to help protect against spam. Spam in our company has reduced dramatically and we have also experienced very low virus attacks since Hexamail blocks emails with [configurable] attachments. Hexamail was easy to install, simple to configure, and support has been excellent with answering questions and giving advice on how to use the application to its fullest potential. The application is full of custom options for the administrator to fit his/ her network needs and keeps improving it features with its upgrades. We are very thankful for Hexamail and feel we have been ahead of the game with the war against spam. I have recommended it to other system administrators and will keep recommending it. ...thank you so much for the quality application you have created. It was tough for me to find a Spam product that would work both with Windows NT and Exchange 5.5. Our company has noticed a huge amount of decrease in Spam which has saved users so much time in the morning when going through emails. I also like how easy your program was to install and configure. Your support is excellent and helpful. I like the fact that emails with attachments can be blocked because many emails that were blocked could have spread viruses throughout our network. You give the administrator of the application the ability to configure the program to his/ her email subject/ content needs which is greatly appreciated. Thank you again and I will recommend your product to other network administrators."
Thomi Cosci - Graham Capital
Index Hospitality Systems BV "We downloaded the Hexamail guard last Friday afternoon and got it installed in less than 5 minutes. This is on our live existing clustered exchange environment. We saw a 99.3% decrease in SPAM related mail, which comes to about 254 emails per hour for us. Our users are no longer overwhelmed with SPAM mail. It also took care of some relaying (SMPR encapsulating) issues we were having with our exchange servers. I am impressed with the ease of use of the product plus the great results its booking. Its very flexible in its configuration options and its by far the most powerful spam blocker we have yet seen"
Arthur Leliveld - Index Hospitality Systems BV
Kraft Technology Group "Hexamail Guard has drastically reduced the SPAM burden for our client. Of the total amount of mail received, we estimated 80% of it was SPAM. Hexamail Guard has allowed us to catch the SPAM messages so the users are not burdened with filtering the enormous amount of junk mail from the legitimate mail. Hexamail Guard is a very powerful tool at an even more affordable price"
Brett Scott - Kraft Technology Group
Ayurveda Limited "We have found your Hexamail product very reliable, secure and efficient in its email management, Starting out with your basic Hexamail Guard for Microsoft Exchange we have continually added more modules as and when necessary (anti-virus, censor etc.). We particularly find useful your support and patch update facility which makes updates effortless to install. Thanks again for a your good service and product. "
Peter Reynolds - Ayurveda Limited
Alumet "Alumet has been using hexamail guard for exchange for almost 2 years, A sinch to install, we check our spam filter via the remote administration tool every day, and it rarely has false positives in there after the initial fine-tuning. A great value and reliable tool with many features"
Richard Henson - Alumet
ASAP Technology "At our Company we have a lot of mobile people, where replicating mail and aplications is a long time process using DSL connections to our central server. We found that many of the replication time was for spam mail. We were looking for a solution to reduce the replication time for mobile users and minimize the time that our people use to delete the spam. Our IT specialists were evaluating some solutions and found that Hexamail Guard offers a very good tool to filter mail and reduce eficiently the spam mail that receive the mobile user in their inbox."
Ing. Alberto Iñiguez - ASAP Technology
"Probably the best software support I have ever had contact with"
Thomas Schulz - Avcom AB - The inventor of Virtual Bowling
Best Practice Group "Historically, we had a spam filtering system which the users were reasonable happy, this was blocking around 50% of spam but commonly stopping legitimate e-mail also. I needed a better solution and therefore reviewed and tested Hexamail Guard one weekend It worked so well I had deployed it to the live server before the users arrived on monday morning. The users are so delighted as virtually no spam arrives in the users inboxes and the sender verification means that false positives are a thing of the past. - Keep up the good work!"
Jason Coyne - Best Practice Group
Carnon Enterprises & Wheal Jane Ltd "Hexamail Guard has reduced a torrent of spam to our company to a trickle with very few false positives."
Roger Wedlake - Carnon Enterprises & Wheal Jane Ltd
Chasco Contracting "I purchased Hexamail Guard Basic for our company almost a year ago around the time that spam and pop-ups really began to take off. Each client in our organization used to receive approximately 40-50 spam mails a day. Now with the intervention of Hexamail, they might receive 2-3 per day and the rest are blocked. Hexamail Guard Basic (it's hardly basic) has many options and tweaks available to build your spam database and once it is in place, there is minimal supervision required. After trying several other Spam-Blockers, I would recommend this mildly priced program to anyone"
Michael Lambert - Chasco Contracting
Cocon Commerz GmbH "We like Hexamailguard for Linux very much. It's easy to setup. Once you're done it doesn't need much attention (besides program updates). It's also very flexible and meets most requirements. And - at last - it comes to a fair price!"
Rado Rethmann - Cocon Commerz GmbH
Compatible Computer Solutions BV "Ever since we started the trial we have been receiving so much less spam. ...until now we did not find a product that is so easy to install, so easy to manage and so very configurable as Hexamail is."
Marco de Keizer - Compatible Computer Solutions BV
David Phillips & Partners Solicitors "We were receiving over 4,000 spam emails per week. Hexamail now catches over 98% of these, is simple to use and with such a reasonable price we highly recommend it."
Roger Posener - David Phillips & Partners Solicitors
Deltabit Oy "I'm very happy that I tried your software! I've tested many different antispam software and your Hexamail software beats everyone of them. So, to say it with only one word: SOLD!"
Jukka Mykkanen - Deltabit Oy
Advertown Srl "Advertown is an Italian Web agency started in 1997. We also provide an ISP service to our 80 customers as an added facility to better satisfy their needs. We've been using Hexamail Guard for 3 years, blocking spamming to the great satisfaction of our customers which couldn't get better results although they've tried many other software solutions before becoming Advertown's customers."
Paolo Bianco - Advertown Srl
Wildscreen "Wildscreen is a UK registered charity (No. 299450) promoting the conservation of nature and public appreciation of biodiversity, through the power of wildlife imagery. Before we installed Hexamail Guard, some of the 20 people in our organisation received over 1000 spam emails per day and it was nearly impossible to spot legitimate emails. Hexamail Guard integrated cleanly into our Exchange server and after 10 minutes of configuration, we now have only 50 spam messages each day across the whole organisation. Amazingly, we've only had one false positive since installing the software and the accuracy of the software increases every day thanks, in part, to Hexamail Guard's intelligent Bayesian learning."
Chris Tomlinson - Wildscreen
Fest Data ApS "We needed an effective anti-spam program, and found yours. We are extremely happy with it, and have therefore signed up as a reseller! "
Thomas Fest - Fest Data ApS
Funkey-IT "We researched and tested almost all of the available spam products on the market and chose Hexamail, which was installed easily and implemented very quickly. Our mail server receives about 400,000 spam messages per day. Before Hexamail, we used to spend up to 2 hours a day scanning about 2,500 mails which passed the usual filters. With Hexamail, that number dropped to about 10 a day, which saves us a considerable amount of time. In addition, the quarantine is well implemented and we’ve never missed any important mail so far. We have been using Hexamail for over a year, we are fully convinced about it! We recommend Hexamail for their product and for their very friendly staff to anyone looking for the best anti-spam solution!"
John-Hendric Durrer - Funkey-IT
Genepool "Our organization utilizes Hexamail to cut down on Spam email, which has formed an enormous manpower and bandwidth problem for us. Since using the software, we have reduced our bandwidth costs by 90%. Support is fantastic and product updates and improvements are regular which keeps us ahead all the time."
Sean Nijenhuis - Genepool
Genie techni engineering "Hexamail Guard is a great product. This saves us a lot of time every day."
Bas Nieuweboer - Genie techni engineering
Designer Hosting "We have been very impressed by News2Web. The software took minutes to install and configure and now provides our customers with a valuable and highly targeted news resource. This is achieved without detracting from our primary business of looking after our clients web hosting needs."
Jon Halton - Designer Hosting
Health Claims Bureau Group "Spam has been a problem for our company for a long time now and until such time as I discovered Hexamail, I had held off buying anti-spam software as I could not justify the cost. I am now in full control of the spam entering our company and have relieved all staff of this extra burden. The feedback from employees has been one of relief. I was amazed at the ease of installation and configuration to suit our company. I have found the support staff particularly helpful, not that I have needed to call much as the product does what it was purchased for."
Keith A. Thornton - Health Claims Bureau Group
Heywood Group "Heywood Group has used Hexamail successfully for a few years now and have found the product to be a very cost effective and efficient spam blocker. Hexamail provides frequent updates and the support staff are at hand and very helpful whenever we have a query. We strongly recommend this product."
Simon Gee  - Heywood Group
Homebase AS "We spent a long time evaluating different mail server solutions including Microsoft Exchange: Hexamail Server was the only one that offered the exceptional scaling and performance we required, a flexible choice of either Windows or LINUX platforms, and the right price point. Based on our experience of its reliability and performance, we will be using Hexamail Server for all our future email server requirements"
Dag Ronsen - Homebase AS
Icon Information Systems "We host many web sites for a great part of the Oceania and needed an anti-spam solution that we could deploy seamlessly with our existing Linux based web servers to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. The solution also had to be reliable and easy to manage; we reviewed many different solutions and found Hexamail to fulfill all the requirements and more! We installed and configured Hexamail Guard in less than 3 hours and have not had any problems with it since installation and it blocks 97% of incoming spam. We happily endorse this product for future customers of Hexamail, keep up the great work"
Peter Ketteridge - Icon Information Systems
IOH - Injury  & Occupational Health "Hexamail Guard beat most of the other products we tested out of the box. With intelligent filters that learn from sent mail false positives also quickly reduced. The simple to use administrator control also enables simplicity in fine tuning the vast array of filter types. The web accessible personal spam quarantine is a great feature allowing false positive to be quickly accepted. The Hexamail team is extremely proactive in upgrading the spam engine to combat new spam types and further enhance functionality."
James Hogg - IOH - Injury & Occupational Health
isacon AG "As everybody knows, in the last years the number of spam-mails rose dramatically. In the end it was not possible for our consultants, who travel a lot, to distinguish spam mail from "real" mails. It sometimes took them up to an hour to scan their mailbox for spam. And all that in a hotel room, with a snail internet connection. We already tried out a lot of programmes. Finally we discovered Hexamail. Hexamail is a software you can install easily and use it right away. Support is fast and very competent, but you will hardly need it. Hexamail doesn't identify all spam messages but we reduced the total time per day we need to detect spam mail from 5 hours to 10 minutes. In den letzten Jahren ist die Zahl der SPAM-Mails stark gestiegen, jeder weiss das. Fuer unsere Berater, die regelmaessig auf Reisen sind, war es mit der Zeit nicht mehr moeglich SPAMS von echten Mails zu unterscheiden. Teilweise verbrachten die Kollegen 1 Stunde damit, Ihre Mailbox aufzuraeumen. Und das womoeglich im Hotel ueber eine langsame Leitung... Wir haben einige Produkte probiert, mit maessigem Erfolg: schlechte Trefferquoten, schlechter Support und aehnliches Dann haben wir Hexamail kennen und lieben gelernt. Hexamail ist eine Software die man schlicht installiert und die dann einfach funktioniert. Der Support ist schnell und kompetent, wenn man diesen ueberhaupt braucht. Hexamail findet zwar nicht jede SPAM aber wir koennen die Tagesarbeitszeit aller Kollegen von ca. 5 Stunden auf etwa 10 Minuten reduzieren."
Harald Mauchert - isacon AG
IT-Logix AG "Hexamail Guard for Exchange is easy and simple to install. Only few settings have to be changed before everything just works. Meaning, that Hexamail Guard blocks most of the unwanted spam mails - at least 20 mails per user per day. Furthermore, the possibility that every user can access his blocked mails by a simple web interface reduces the work of the Exchange administrator. First we didn't believed that it is that simple - but the results and also the satisfaction of our employees are just great"
Raphael Branger - IT-Logix AG
Jacksons Food Stores "Hexamail has been great for us. We are managing spam now, instead of spam controlling our email. We have saved users several minutes per day sifting through junk emails. And it is so easy to control. Hexamail is the best value in spam filtering."
Phil Miltenberger - Jacksons Food Stores
Loxleys Print Ltd "Hexamail is a great product, the administration of the software is intuitive and very easy to maintain. It keeps my users from being frustrated with spam in their inbox and I wouldn't want to be without it!"
Helen Roberts - Loxleys Print Ltd
Mainline Flatpacks Ltd "Hexamail Guard was just was I was looking for. An affordable solution to my Junk mail that could work with exchange 2000 at highly affordable cost"
Barry Lill - Mainline Flatpacks Ltd
MRJapanese "We have been using Hexamail Guard for nearly 3 years now and have found it to be a very effective solution. It has a very user-friendly web interface for my end users to review their potential SPAM messages, which from a network administrator's standpoint is priceless. I have had very few questions from users as to how to log in or use it. We have only needed to call tech support once, and my problem was completely resolved within a very short time. Great product, great support, great price! Thank you, Hexamail Guard team!"
Kent Atwood - MRJapanese
Measurement Engineering Australia "I have found that Hexamail works very nicely on our server given that it is running Exchange Server 5.5 which is now difficult to support. The instructions for the use of Hexamail were clear and concise and I had no difficulty setting it up."
David Peacock - Measurement Engineering Australia
Mecotek Italia S.p.A. "I started to search for an effective anti-spam software and, obviously, downloaded and tried many products. Hexamail has the top-score ratings in my evaluation scale: ease of use, installation and management. To understand how much the product impressed me: I downloaded the trial version on May, 3rd 2004 and bought it just ten days after without waiting for the expiring of the trial period. Our productivity is raised significantly since we installed it, blocking from 90% to 99% of spam e-mail messages, with a 0.1% impact of "false positive" spam e-mails, and its easy configuration of blocking and filtering rules makes Hexamail Guard Pro a great answer for any professional need "
Marco Fava - Mecotek Italia S.p.A.
Micros "I'm using Hexamail Guard Basic on a client site running Exchange 5.5 and it has been working like a dream. I'm running the spam filter and the anti-virus modules on the server and it has saved me a lot of heartache especially with the recent virus outbreaks. Installation and config was a breeze and full marks to the Support Desk who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable on their product. This product is a MUST for anyone looking for a reliable and reasonably priced anti-spam solution"
Saliya Mendis - Micros
Metropolitan Tucson Convention & Visitors Bureau "Before Hexamail guard, our company of 30 people would get an estimated 4-500 spam emails a day. I tried other products that used "black lists" but we then realized that many offices do not have their email systems setup correctly, so were missing many emails due to the fact that they were black listed. Then came Hexamail. Hexamail is by far the most powerful and easy to use anti-spam software I have ever run across. From installation to administration Hexamail Guard makes stopping spam a piece of cake. Thank you Hexamail Guard."
Ed Farias - Metropolitan Tucson Convention & Visitors Bureau
MWI Corp "Upper management was complaining about the vast amount of spam our company was receiving daily and the amount of time wasted by every employee cleaning out spam from their mailboxes. We tried several other so called spam filters but they all fell short in some aspect or required a yearly fee. When we tried Hexamail we were really surprised, it knocked out over 95% of our spam, it worked so well we thought our internet mail was down. Hexamail offers more then just a spam filter in fact it was so robust with other features it actually impressed management enough to purchase the product immediately. This product is so easy to install and integrates wonderfully with exchange. To sum it up, this product ROCKS!"
John King - MWI Corp
NESCO Electrical Products "Hexamail Guard has saved us countless hours of lost productivity due to staff opening and/ or deleting unwanted E-Mail and prevented a vast number of potential problems by stopping unsafe attachments getting through."
Stephen Walsh - NESCO Electrical Products
Nova Communications "Fifty-three percent of our daily incoming mail was spam. Using Hexamail has kept that off my user's desktops. I can also filter out hoaxes, PowerPoint slide shows, movies, mp3's, and any other file type I don't want on my network. The work this product saves me is immeasurable."
Tony Cimello - Nova Communications
Oliner Fibre Co., Inc. "Hexamail has done an extraordinary job of filtering out spam. We receive about 3,500 pieces of spam each day. With very little configuration, Hexamail is blocking 94% of our spam, with very few false positives. We evaluated a number of competitive programs. In our evaluation, we never found any other product which was capable of those kind of numbers. In addition, Hexamail has a well-thought-out web interface through which users can look through their own spam quarantine to see if there is anything that is worth keeping. The Hexamail interface is clean and clear, and both the support staff and the development team are dedicated, accessible, helpful, and very open to feature requests."
Andrew Oliner - Oliner Fibre Co., Inc.
People First Network "PFnet is a rural connectivity project, which aims to promote and facilitate equitable and sustainable rural development and peace building by enabling better information sharing and knowledge building among and across communities forming the Solomon Islands.

PFnet's rural email users are new to the Information Society and vulnerable to risks, misinterpretation of alien information and from the multitude of fraudulent and commercial "spam" messages which would besiege them unless stringent security measures were applied. To counter these risks, PFnet has installed Hexamail Guard to protect these vulnerable, poor communities, and enable them to benefit from their new access and global communications without fear.

The system has proved particularly good at filtering "419 advance payment" mails, popularly known here as "Nigerian con man letters". Rural Solomon Islands communities are particularly vulnerable to such fraud attempts and even the government has succumbed to similar pyramid schemes in the past. That is why Hexamail has proved itself and is serving the interests of the rural poor in this country."
David Leeming - People First Network
Photon Design "We have been using Hexamail now for about a year. I have been very impressed with it's effectiveness-And the great thing is users dont have to do anything to make it work - it does not need training and after configuration just started working from day 1. I am more than happy to recommend Hexamail!"
Photon Marketing - Photon Design
Qmediastream "Hexamail is the only way to control SPAM. We are very happy with the product and recommend it to all our clients."
John McHugh - Qmediastream
RADOS Technology "We appreciate particularly : - The spam and virus detection rate as well as the different ways to block and destroy them. - The Web access for my users. - The short response time of the technical support."
RADOS Technology
Rycoline Products Inc "Hexamail Guard wins on value and straight-forward installation and documentation. It fulfills its primary purpose of blocking spam with efficiency and few false-positives"
David Berry - Rycoline Products Inc
Saxons IT Solutions "Before we installed Hexamail my inbox was 90% spam. Now it's down to about 1% - and all I have to do is add the spam to Hexamail's blacklist and I never see it again! We are so impressed with Hexamail we have begun selling it to our clients."
Michael Clarke - Saxons IT Solutions
Schneider FX plc "Good product, great support and nice people to do business with!"
Bob Newstead - Schneider FX plc
S Hosting "We run shared web-hosting company, and faced a huge problem with unwanted spam in our customer's mailboxes, that was until we found Hexamail Guard! Its intuitive configuration and administration features make it an easy-to-use product, especially when compared to other anti-spam software we tried. It's very efficient in a shared hosting environment and our users rate it highly just one month after installing Hexamail it had stopped over 40,000 spam emails coming into our server, with hardly any false positives. The product just works!!"
Aaron Wardle - S Hosting
Sudwest Finanz Vermittlung Dritte AG "Since switching from our [previous product] to Hexamail, Spam elimination and handling has become an ease. Even for a German company with 99% of German mails, the integrated Pattern system works really well. A great plus is the fantastic output of the spam mails which now can be sorted, checked and forwarded within minutes in an easy to use interface. Also the support is fantastic. You get any help you need, reliable and fast without any extra costs and even any update is free. We are looking forward to the trainable pattern update which will get another big advantage of Hexamail in eliminating false spam detentions"
Lars Eggert - Sudwest Finanz Vermittlung Dritte AG
Terminal Railroad Association "We evaluated a number of products and Hexamail always came out on top. The best features in our view were ease of installation, low server overhead, management interface and product support. The installation was a snap and went very smoothly we were up and running in no time at all. One little configuration question that was answered very quickly from their tech support. Managing the ongoing setup is very easy with the simple graphical interface."
Jeff Hauser - Terminal Railroad Association
"We are extremely impressed with Hexamail support. Beginning with an extremely prompt response to our request for help, through their patience in dealing with a mail problem which ultimately was not related to Hexamail, and their resourcefulness and knowledge of Exchange. I can honestly say we have never received such outstanding support from any other software vendor"
Dennis Findlay - UAP Canada
Vantage Computing Ltd "We evaluated many anti-spam solutions, some costing considerably more, before we chose Hexamail Guard. It does what it sets out to do, which is to stop spam, and it does this with incredible efficiency. With the volume of spam emails we get, I know that Hexamail Guard has paid for itself many times over. It was a breeze to install and has run faultlessly ever since. Thanks for a great product, we highly recommend it"
Jason Law - Vantage Computing Ltd
Virtual IT Dept Ltd "We look after the Email for a number of small businesses, who access their Email from our servers, remotely over the Internet. Hexamail Guard gives us the ability to offer our clients Spam filtering, together with remotely accessible Spam Quarantine over SSL. It also allows us to manage separate disclaimers based on Domain name. We also provide/ install this application to companies who have their own Email servers, to allow them to manage their Spam locally. This is particularly useful where companies have clients who send Emails using different alphabets, such as Russian Cyrillic."
Oliver Lissimore - Virtual IT Dept Ltd
Walnut Valley Unified School District "As a public school district with over a 1000 employees and multiple sites to manage, it was imperative that we found a cost-effective and simplified way to contain the spam problem. Hexamail has been a great solution for us. It installed onto existing hardware and fit easily into our architecture. The user interface is very intuitive and gives us a lot of granularity when tweaking the filtering. Most importantly, it fit within our budget while dramatically reducing the spam coming into the district."
Curtis Lee - Walnut Valley Unified School District
Woik.AT - Internet Services "We are a hosting company in Austria and we’ve already running Hexamail Guard for now nearly a year, for our company Exchange-Server. Hexamail is easy to use and installed in a few minutes, since this I have not often seen the adminpaneel from Hexamail because the program still works perfectly since this time in the background. We are at the moment planning to use Hexamail as gateway for our customer e-mail server as backup and for killing spam and viruses. "
Wolfgang Prikler - Woik.AT - Internet Services